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LemonGram –
investment in present

Expand your financial horizons right now!

Become a partner and start earning
right now!
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LemonGram –
your actual financial well-being today

Get a guaranteed high income right now due
to simple and convenient investment rates

Company’s insurance fund ensures
your investment protection
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LemonGram –
expand your boundaries all over the world

Effective affiliate program for the most
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About us

Our professional team consists of the specialists from all over the world. Today we operate in all relevant areas, including such as investing in various kinds of IPOs, ICOs, as well as trading on all the leading exchanges around the globe.

We managed to achieve break-even level for our project thanks to the new technologies implementation in our system and the most advanced trading strategies. Our experts reduce all risks to zero and close deals successfully in contradistinction to their opponents even while meeting the most unfavorable circumstances!

Make your choice right now. LemonGram is an investment in the present - right today, but not in the future! Make your dreams come true and ahieve your financial goals today, from the first day of cooperating with our project!

Our advantages

  • Highly qualified specialists team

    Our professional team consists of the specialists from all over the world in various investment sectors.
  • Official risk insurance contract

    To date, LemonGram fund for damages in case of insured events is $1,213,452 and this figure continues its growth all the time.
  • High security level

    We are trusted by a huge number of people, therefore we try to increase both our system security level and your funds safety level.
  • Project simplicity and accessibility for everyone

    We tried to make our project clear and simple for everyone even who have never been engaged in investment in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to earn right from the first day!
  • Closed investor community

    Is an opportunity to join one of the most prestigious investment communities where people share their knowledge and experience with each other!
  • Officially registered company

    Our LemonGram company which is headquartered in London, has all the necessary documents and licenses to conduct its activities.

Investment offers

Weekly payments every wednesday
The main body of deposit is included to daily accruals
Changing of the investment plan from one to another can be proceed by opening a new deposit


Amount of deposit:
Per day
Payback period
For whole period

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